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Battery Powered Temperature Indicator and Temperature Transmitter Now Available In Stainless Steel Housing.

Status Instruments, have introduced their new SCH15 stainless steel connection head. Sealed to IP67, it has been designed to fit their DM640 range of battery powered thermometers and their new SEM710 temperature transmitter with integral display.

The DM600 series of battery powered thermometers accepts either RTD or thermocouple temperature sensors to virtually any specification. Each device shows the measured temperature on a 4 digit LCD display. The input type is programmed by push buttons and the display can be programmed to read in Deg C or Deg F

The SEM710 temperature transmitter with display features the new USB interface Status first introduced on their SEM1600 series, for super quick user programming. Because the product is powered via the USB port during programming, you don't even have to wire it up to configure it; simply plug in the USB cable. The SEM710 comes with an isolated input for both Pt100 and Thermocouple sensors while the display can be programmed to read in Deg C, Deg F or loop mA. Output is the standard 2 wire 4/20mA.

The DM640 and SEM710 housed in the new highly polished SCH15 head enables the products to be ideal for installation in industries including, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, HVAC, Machine and Process.

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December 2007

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