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Smart universal signal conditioner is another first for Status Instruments.

Status Instruments are claiming another first in versatile process instrumentation design with the introduction of their DIN rail SEM1700 universal signal conditioner. This high-accuracy smart transmitter/trip amplifier is expected to find application in a wide range of process and OEM installations across a broad range of industries from food to petrochemical.

In addition to standard 13 thermocouple and 8 RTD inputs, process inputs can include voltage, current and potentiometric slide wire which all have user programmable ranges. For example the current input can be programmed to any value between -30 to 30mA and the voltage input for any value between -10 to 10 V DC. Signal inversion is also possible.

The output not only includes standard 0-10 V or 4-20 mA ranges but also 0-20 mA, and user programmable mA of any value between 0 to 22mA and any voltage range between 0 to 12V. The outputs are further enhanced with user programmable damping which allows the user to control the rate of change of the output signal. In addition to the analogue output, there are 2 change-over relays which can be programmed in 4 different alarm states and have programmable on and off delays.

The SEM1700 can be powered from any DC or AC source in the range 20 to 240 volts, and will excite both input and output current loops further extending its flexibility. As expected, the unit incorporates Status' mandatory opto-isolation protection, together with reverse polarity and over-voltage security.

A key advantage of the SEM1700 over competitive units is that there is only one universal model, which can then be configured for specific applications. This important 'chameleonic' feature simplifies product availability and stockholding for both the user and supplier. Set up is carried out via the innovative Status USB configuration software, which allows the user to carry out a simple, yet comprehensive set up routine for the instruments via the internal menu options. The unit is simply connected via the USB port to a PC or laptop: the USB connection powers the transmitter during configuration, thereby removing the need for an external power supply. The software reads the product part number and its configuration automatically. To change the configuration takes just seconds; the user simply types in the new requirements and clicks the download icon.

By using the latest technology and innovative design techniques, Status have managed to develop a very powerful universal product at a very competitive price. The SEM1700 is just part of Status Instruments' extensive range of signal conditioners, transmitters, digital panel indicators, humidity transmitters, temperature sensors and digital thermometers.

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December 2008

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