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Miniature Smart Transmitter retains big brother's functionality, whilst offering current or voltage outputs.

Leading instrumentation manufacturers Status Instruments are introducing their ingenious HTR integrated head temperature transmitter. This unique smart design is the first complete transmitter that fits into the miniature MAA connection head. Normally, due to space constraints, the head is only used as a junction box, requiring the transmitter to be mounted some distance away from the sensor.

Status have pioneered miniature electronic design for their transmitters, without sacrificing the functionality of larger standard devices that would normally require more spacious KNE type heads. The HTR, which can be used with RTD, slide-wire and resistance inputs, is expected to find application in energy management, HVAC and machine building. The standard product has over thirty resistance sensors to choose from, including Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100 and Ni1000.

Designed to meet the needs of both industrial and HVAC applications, the 3 wire voltage output version can be programmed to output any value between 0 and 10 VDC. For example, the product can be configured to accept Pt1000 sensors and provide a 0 to 10 VDC output direct from the head - ideal for HVAC applications.

The HTR has a number of clever features. To optimise the use of the built-in memory, application specific linearization correction data is loaded into the transmitter during user configuration, rather than being permanently stored in the unit. This means the design uses a microprocessor with a smaller memory and therefore contributes to a lower cost product. Indeed, the list price of the integrated head and transmitter is less than many competitors charge just for the transmitter!

Calibration is carried out quickly and easily via PC or laptop, using Status's new USB configurator. Calibration set up can be saved as a file for future use and additionally the user can read live process data when connected to a PC.

The HTR is part of Status's extensive range of temperature transmitters, rack mount signal conditioners, panel meters and loop isolators.


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October 2010

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