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Sterling Sensors have recently added portable foundry pyrometers to their range.

The rugged battery powered digital instruments are designed to measure the temperature of both ferrous and non-ferrous molten metals up to 1800°C.

The DPP is manufactured in the UK and provides a safe and convenient portable measuring device.

Housed in a tough, lightweight aluminium case it is ideal for use in foundry's, metal processing and recycling plants or environments where extreme temperatures need to be measured.

With a single button operation the instrument searches holds and displays the peak stable temperature on a 4-digit red LED display. Sequence indicating lights keep the operator informed of progress throughout the measurement process.

Instruments can be ranged to use type B, K, N, R or S thermocouples in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Type B, R and S units are commonly used in ferrous metals and are supplied with a connector for use with plug-in expendable thermocouples.

Type K and N pyrometers are ranged for use in non-ferrous metals and can be supplied for use with disposable fast response thermocouples or more durable swaged thermocouple elements.

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November 2014

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