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Coupling and Drive Shaft Torque Measurement
The StrainSense Series 420 CDS system provides
accurate measurement of the shaft power, torque
and rotary speed which can be indicated on analogue
or digital displays, used as control input, or the data
can be logged to a database in summary or detailed form. 
The Series 420 is a non-contact system, the rotor and stator
electronics are separated by a 5 to 15mm air gap according to
application.  This concept offers long term reliability, in a
maintenance free package.  The system can be installed on
shafts from 30mm to 600+mm diameter. The on–shaft electronics
provide digital information relating to the shaft.
The stator electronics provide a selection of outputs typically
required by industry e.g 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS485.   
For smaller shafts from 100Nm up to 40kNm where the shafts
can be calibrated to a know torque on a test rig, system accuracy
is 0.1 to 0.15%. For larger installations and where shafts cannot
be removed for calibration, the torque can be calculated to between
1 and 2 % dependent on the shaft data available, with signal
repeatability to 0.1%
StrainSense Limited offer a complete service to survey, provide
and install the on-shaft electronics, the off shaft instrumentation
and software. For large installations, on–line reporting of the
drive condition direct from the shaft data can be provided.
StrainSense have provided other similar systems, e.g automotive
drive train, power generation and test rigs.

September 2004
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