Strainsense Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS


New sensor ranges from StrainSense.

StrainSense Limited has recently become the EU
distributor of the NMB brand of foil strain gauges,
custom sensors and standard loadcells from
Minebea Co. Ltd, Japan, a company with more
than 50 years manufacturing experience.  
These strain gauges and sensors by NMB possess the highest
pedigree, tracing their roots to the original invention and
commercial development of bonded resistance strain gauges
and their applications in load cells, pressure transducers and
torque transducers.   NMB gauges have enhanced performance,
are low cost, have excellent creep performance with temperature,
superior long-term stability and a wide range of standard and
custom designs is available.   NMB strain gauges are used for
manufacturing load cells and transducers as well as for
applications in test and measurement. 
The sensor ranges include pressure, force and torque sensors,
and loadcells covering 300g to 100te. Applications include
retail and commercial scales, tank and vessel weighing,
web-tension, high performance body-fat measuring bathroom
scales to low cost kitchen and bathroom scales.

April 2005
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