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Wireless system for structural health monitoring.

Safeco Field is home to the Seattle Mariners, a Major
League Baseball team in the United States of America.
With Seattle’s famous unpredictable weather an essential
and unique design feature of Safeco Field is its nearly
11-acre retractable roof, designed to cover but not fully
enclose the ballpark.

The three movable panels of the roof glide on 128 steel wheels
to cover the field in 10 minutes in inclement weather.  The roof
weighs 11,000 tons and contains enough steel to build a 55-story
HPI strain gauges were installed on the viscous dampers mounted
between the horizontal trusses and the down-turned north legs.
The dampers act as shock absorbers on the roof structure during
wind and seismic events, like those that occurred during the
Seattle earthquake in 2001.   The strain gauges were key to the
wireless monitoring system installed to continuously analyse the
roof structure for changes.  
Data gathered from the strain gauges clearly shows the actual
forces experienced on the roof structure during the earthquake,
and reveals the ground movement from differing perspectives.
The data illustrates that the roof structure measurements fell
within the anticipated ranges and that the entire monitoring
system performs well during potentially cataclysmic events. 
This monitoring system will quickly pinpoint any degradation in
performance or potential problems on any roof or structural
health monitoring applications.  Snow loads, seismic events,
and wind effects are only a few of the criteria that can be
monitored and quantified for safety and economic reasons.
For further information on how this system can benefit your
structure or for information on HPI high temperature, weldable
strain gauges and all strain gauges for harsh environments in
the UK and EU please contact: StrainSense Limited

June 2005
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