Strainsense Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
StrainSense announces optical torque transducer
for high speed use.

StrainSense Limited offers the NMB Flange Type
torque transducer that can operate up to 15,000rpm.

This transducer combines a calibrated torque-measuring flange
with an optical transmission method for interference-free
measurements. The NMB flange type torque transducer uses
a unique digital signal transmission system based on an optical
transmission method and sensing element.  

This torque transducer is a thin flange non-contact design with
no bearings, and can measure both static and dynamic torque.

A newly developed strain gauge has improved precision, fatigue
resistance, and long-term stability.
Applications can be found in automotive, agricultural, off-shore,
aerospace and shipbuilding Industries for test, development
and production.   The transducer's design of spigot joint and
split stator construction allow easy Installation and removal. 
The NMB torque transducers are part of the precision range
of sensors and instrumentation offered by StrainSense.

June 2005
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