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New UK Distributor for Entran.

StrainSense have been appointed as sole UK distributors for all Entran products by Measurement Specialties Inc.

Entran products are selected for applications where the mass or size of the sensor are critical. Specialist miniature products are engineered for precise measurement of pressure, force and acceleration using Measurement Specialities latest patented technologies.

Entran sub-miniature pressure sensors are engineered to be insensitive to the detrimental effects of vibration and shock. Unique configurations can be installed in inaccessible areas without interfering with the integrity of the system.

These products extend the range of specialist sensors currently offered by StrainSense, typically used in aerospace, automotive, rail, power and safety-critical applications.

To find out more about this unique range of miniature sensors, contact Strainsense Ltd. on 01908 543038 or email: Website ___________________________________________________

May 2007

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