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New range of pressure sensors for wide range of process applications.

A new range of pressure sensors for process applications is now available from StrainSense Limited. New to the UK, the PT60 range of pressure, differential pressure and submersible level transmitters offers outstanding accuracy and reliability at a competitive price.

The PT60 range is suitable for flow measurements of liquids, gases and vapours as well as level and pressure measurements in process vessels. Many of the sensors are intrinsically safe to ATEX standards, 3A, PED and CE approved.

Wide range of process connections
Nineteen different integrated process connectors are available enabling a direct connection to pipework and vessels and preventing the need for pressure transferring devices. This ensures that there is no loss of measurement performance or problems of temperature drift. Most commonly used fittings can be supplied, custom fittings can also be made to special order.

The range of process connections includes threaded connections which are removable during operation and suitable for power, pulp & paper and oil & gas industries. Flange connections are available for chemical industries and hygienic connections which are certified to 3A standard are available for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

High temperature operation
The PT60 range operates at temperatures up to 205 C. The housing is made of stainless steel as standard and can be used under all process and ambient conditions without problems of corrosion.

Electronic communication
Each device has microprocessor controlled electronics with 4 – 20mA output to enable bi-directional communication. The electronics are separated onto two different electronic cards to give flexibility and the option to upgrade. They are compatible with Profibus and Hart protocols.

About StrainSense
The PT60 is manufactured in Sweden and is distributed exclusively by StrainSense Limited in the UK. StrainSense is a specialist supplier of quality instrumentation, sensors and strain gauges to the research, development, test and production fields. It offers a wide range of products to ISO 9001 standard and is highly regarded for its expertise.

November 2008

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