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New Products from StrainSense for 2011

StrainSense has been busy adding some key new products to its already
comprehensive portfolio. These include navigation-grade accelerometers
and gyros. These accelerometers are designed both for commercial and
military use in inertial navigation systems. Customers have experienced excellent performance due to the proven quartz flexure and fibre optic technology. This technology ensures high stability including during temperature changes. Contact us for further information or to discuss applications.

We have also added the new vibration sensor from Measurement
Specialties - model 161 series. This is a 4-channel signal
conditioning amplifier designed to be used with piezoelectric sensors
(IEPE or Charge). It incorporates multiple high-pass and low-pass
filter settings and can display IEEE 1451.4 TEDS information. The
Model 161 is also available with a built-in rechargeable battery
option, making it ideal for field test applications.

StrainSense has also enhanced our range of submersible level
transmitters with the LT30. This is a truly cost effective, highly
reliable and accurate transmitter and has the ability to fit in narrow
spaces, being only 20 mm wide. The sensor is fully temperature
compensated and the sensor signal is a 4-20 mA output signal.

A unique amplifier has been added to the StrainSense instrumentation
range. The 4318 analogue amplifier has addressable digital setup,
making it ideal for multichannel use and can be permanently sealed,
but still adjusted. It features input of 0.25-50mV/V with 0-5V output
and 2-80kHz bandwidth.

Linear Potentiometers

StrainSense has added a new range of rugged linear potentiometers to
our sensors portfolio. Stroke lengths from 12.5-250mm are available
in a variety of designs with 25M cycle life, temperature ranges to
175C, and sealing up to IP67. Custom designs are readily provided in
this UK manufactured range.

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January 2011

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