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Miniature Accelerometer for Extended Temperature Ranges

StrainSense has strengthened its sensor product range by adding a miniature piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature vibration and shock measurements. Operating in shear mode and free of internal, performance-limiting adhesives, the Model 7502A sets the standard for stable thermal performance from -73 °C to 260 °C.

Featuring a nominal charge output of 1.8pC/g, this device can directly interface with many existing charge amplifiers or it can be conveniently packaged with Model 130 in-line charge converter or its Model 161 signal conditioner.

The 7502A from Measurement Specialties is constructed of rugged, lightweight titanium that makes it ideal for applications requiring minimal mass loading. Hermetic sealing protects the unit from harsh environments and its <1gram weight allows it to be non-invasively attached to structures by using appropriate adhesives. Low noise cable (321) with M3 to 10-32 connectors is available to ensure data integrity and longevity of installation.

Each unit is shipped, free of charge, with an NIST traceable amplitude calibration to 14kHz frequency response. With a ±5000 g dynamic range, ±10,000 g shock limit and non-linearity of ±1% per 1000 g, the Model 7502A is well-suited for high frequency measurements on engine, flight testing and longitudinal studies of small field structures.

StrainSense is a trusted and reliable supplier of specialist sensors and instrumentation products. We supply quality sensors for vibration, acceleration/shock, strain, pressure, weight, position, force, fluid properties, instrumentation, tilt/inclination and torque. We also supply the latest data acquisition equipment enabling you to satisfy all your sensor requirements in one place. We have a wealth of experience in the Automotive, Crash Test, Flight Test & Military, Aerospace, Space & Satellite, Subsea, Rail, General Test & Measurement, Education markets and we supply both off the shelf and bespoke products.

July 2011

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