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StrainSense Automotive News May 2012

Linear Potentiometers
StrainSense is pleased to offer our new range of Linear Potentiometers to the Industrial, R&D and Automotive markets. Using proven 'conductive plastic' technology, the sensors offer a range of features suitable for both harsh environments and clean room test applications.

A typical use for our MS-94 series is in the autosport industry, where professional motorcycle race teams use the sensors for measuring shock absorber displacement. An enormous amount of spray is often directed at the sensor as a motorcycle speeds around a wet race track. In addition, the sensor can be subjected to high vibration and high temperatures, so a rugged construction whilst maintaining a miniature design, is desirable.

The larger MS-19 series offers stroke lengths up to 300mm, suitable for heavy industrial, off road and automotive test applications. These physically rugged sensors operate effectively, without being unduly influenced by the environmental conditions.

New brake caliper pressure sensor
New sensors to directly measure force on brake calipers and hydraulic pressures have been developed. Single and multiple sensors can be incorporated into application specific designs.

High speed CAN bus data logging
StrainSense is the exclusive distributor for the Influx Technology product range in the UK. Our portfolio includes the high speed ReBEL xt CAN bus data logger system, which is ideal for automotive applications. It is both powerful and flexible and has the ability to acquire vehicle data remotely and without user interaction, from several data sources reliably for long periods of time. It has been extended with remote connectivity via GPRS which enables you to keep in touch with your data loggers in the field.

Some examples of applications where the ReBEL xt will improve your data logging include:
* Vehicle tests where you need additional engine data alongside your instrumentation
* High speed OEM engineering data acquisition

Accelerometer offering Micro-g resolution
The Model 4807A is an ultra low noise DC response accelerometer offering micro-g resolution. The accelerometer is sealed in a welded stainless steel package and offers an amplified signal conditioned output in ranges from ±2 to ±200g. The model 4807A incorporates a gas damped silicon MEMS sensing element that incorporates mechanical overload stops for shock protection to 5,000g and a wide bandwidth from DC to 1500Hz.
Applications include transportation testing, low frequency monitoring, flight testing, machine control and structural monitoring.

M7100: Rugged One Piece Construction Pressure Transducer
The M7100 sets a new price/performance standard for demanding engine/vehicle, and OEM industrial applications. This small, rugged transducer with proven Microfused™ technology is suitable for corrosive liquid or gas media. This same technology is used in over 100 million vehicles worldwide. The transducer pressure cavity itself is machined from a solid piece of 17-4 PH or 316L stainless steel. With an assortment of standard threads, it provides a leak-proof, all metal sealed system containing no O-rings or organics exposed to the media. The M7100 exceeds the latest industrial CE requirements including surge protection and is overvoltage protected to 16Vdc for both positive and reverse polarity.

Applications include off road vehicle engine control, HVAC refrigeration controls, compressors, hydraulics, energy and water management.

Ultimate Crash Test seat belt restraint
StrainSense is now offering the ultimate crash test seat belt restraint sensor. The EL20-S458 provides a super low mass titanium structure to minimize F=MA errors during the crash event. All exterior surfaces are smoothed to prevent snagging on dummy or air bag materials; smoothed exterior profiles protect your expensive crash test dummy from damage while eliminating drag and frictional error. The EL20-S458 is offered with optional ultra low mass slotted titanium axles and super robust armoured cable exit from the device. The EL20-S458 belt tension load cell can be fine-tuned to meet your crash test or military test needs.

Triaxial Accelerometer
The Model 3630 is a mV output MEMS triaxial accelerometer offering both static and dynamic response. The accelerometer incorporates integral temperature compensation from 0 to +50°C that provides a stable output over a wide operating range. The model 3630 is offered in ±2g to ±200g ranges and features gas damped MEMS sensing elements for wide frequency response.

Applications include transportation, vibration/shock monitoring, road vehicle testing, low frequency applications.

June 2012

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