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Acceleration and Vibration Product News from Strainsense

Low noise accelerometer

The model 4807A is the lowest noise accelerometer sold by StrainSense with a dynamic range of 98dB. This DC response accelerometer features micro-g resolution and offers an industry-first remote auto zero function. It is designed for low level vibration monitoring in applications where measurement resolution is critical such as structural monitoring, flight testing and transportation measurements. MORE

IEPE, triaxial seat pad accelerometer
The model 606M2 is a recently released IEPE, triaxial seat pad accelerometer. This device was specifically designed for characterizing whole body vibration in accordance with ISO 2631-1 and ISO 8041. The Nitrile rubber seat pad incorporates a removable triaxial IEPE accelerometer designed for low frequency measurements with a measurement resolution of <0.4mg. MORE

Remote in-line DC amplifier
The model 140 is a remote in-line DC amplifier designed to be used with bridgetype mV output transducers. The amplifier features five user selectable gain settings and offers a wide bandwidth to 100kHz. The 140 offers a unique auto-zero function that allows the operator to zero the transducer offset voltage to within ±1.5mV either remotely or by pressing the on-board push button at the user’s command. This unit is ideal for usage with any bridge-type accelerometer, pressure sensor or force sensor. MORE
Fluid damped accelerometer for auto safety testing
StrainSense has expanded its range of fluid damped accelerometers by adding the model 40A. This unit is a small piezoresistive accelerometer compliant with the latest SAE J211/J2570 specifications for auto safety testing. This unit features built-in mechanical stops, anodized aluminum alloy housing and flexible low noise cable. MORE

Accelerometer for crush zone testing
StrainSense further expands its auto safety offerings by adding a new model 58 accelerometer for crush zone testing. This new rugged MEMS DC accelerometer is packaged in a rugged housing with a low-noise shielded cable. The unit features a full bridge output configuration and ranges from ±50g to ±2000g. MORE

Model 8042-01 fully released
Designed for condition monitoring of submerged industrial equipment, the model 8042-01 is now fully released. This IEPE accelerometer is available in ±10g, ±80g & ±500g dynamic ranges and features a welded Titanium housing that is certified to >100meter submersion depths.

October 2012

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