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New Sensor Products from Strainsense

NEW innovative sensor to detect water in fuel

StrainSense is now selling a new conductivity based sensor to detect the presence of water in fuel and lubricating oil. The WIF-1250 is an affordable, easy to install device that can be used to prevent mechanical damage as a result of lubricant property degradation in a variety of applications and can be mounted in any position. Temperatures up to 257°F (125°C), and are suited for the most challenging environments or applications. Please contact us for a demonstration of any of our Fluid Property Sensors.

Precision low noise bridge amplifier
The Model 121 is a 3-Channel DC Differential Amplifier designed to be used with bridge type or differential output accelerometers, pressure transducers, and load cells. The amplifier offers an exceptionally low input noise floor of <20µVrms and wide bandwidth to 200kHz, ideal for transient measurements. With the Model 121, the user can instantly program gain or output scaling, and activate auto-zero controls for each channel using the front panel push-buttons.

NEW pressure transmitters for heavy duty hydraulics applications
A range of stainless steel welded pressure transmitters for heavy duty hydraulics applications is now available from StrainSense. The new robust 17.600 G pressure transmitters have a stainless steel housing, pressure port and diaphragm and require no O-ring seals. The transmitters can operate in temperatures from -40 deg C to + 125 deg C, making them ideal for heavy duty OEM hydraulics applications, including mobile hydraulics equipment, off-highway and construction vehicles, heavy duty hydraulic presses, geotechnical testing machinery and other applications where high pressure hydraulic rams or cylinders are present.

December 2012

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