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BREAKING NEWS - Crash Test Sensors

We are delighted to announce that StrainSense is now the UK distributor for MG-Sensors, a major manufacturer of many sensor types for Crash Test Dummies. Sensor types include force, torque, angular velocity, tension and compression. Comparison charts are available and we are very competitive on delivery.

Pressure Sensor Completes 24 Mile Skydive
Felix Baumgartner recently set a world record for skydiving. Jumping out of a helium balloon from a height of 24 miles, he landed ten minutes later after free falling at speeds up to 834.4 mph for about 4 minutes and then parachuting to the ground. Strapped to the left arm of his space suite was an ALTITRACK™ sport altimeter boasting an analog face but utilizing the highest technical and durable digital components for accuracy that surpasses every other mechanical sport altimeter currently available. It was the MS5561C micro-pressure altimeter sensor that was packaged with the ALTITRACK™ sport altimeter to provide key altitude measurements.

Position Feedback on UAVs
Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs), or Drones, are vital to US national security. The complex systems employed use a myriad of electronic sensors for precise control and feedback. To control the UAVs’ attitude (pitch, roll and yaw), actuators are used to exert forces on the flight control surfaces. The precise measurement of the position of these actuators is crucial in maintaining the proper flight path. The sensors used to measure actuator position need to meet three essential criteria; high accuracy, high reliability and lightweight. All three of these attributes can be found in the Position Sensor XS-B Series Subminiature LVDT, supplied by StrainSense.

DOG2 MEMS Sensor
The Dual Axis Inclinometer is mainly developed with a focus on platform leveling, dynamic engine management, tip-over protection and tilt alarm. A fast response time and good accuracy makes this device the ideal choice for mobile leveling applications. It features digital signal processing including temperature compensation. The integrated filter improves performance and allows use of the sensor in noisy environments (e.g. vibrations).

February 2013

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