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New Sensor Products from Strainsense

Vibration measurement breakthrough

The Model 4807A accelerometer is a true breakthrough in vibration measurement. It has a measurement threshold that is an order of magnitude lower than its competition - a full 98dB of resolution. In mission critical applications, such as sensing minute motion on a spacecraft or vibration monitoring in precision lithography systems, Model 4807A allows you to detect nuances that you might have missed with other lesser DC accelerometers.

Improved vacuum pressure sensors
The board level pressure sensors, MS4525 and MS4525DO, have been greatly improved by adding a new vacuum pressure reference type. It is available at the 15psi pressure range in single sideport (SS), top port (TP) and dual sideport (DP) packages. Typical applications for use with the MS4525 and MS4525DO vacuum pressure sensors include medical instrumentation such as wound care, cosmetic instrumentation and vacuum system process controls.

Model 8042 Submersible Accelerometer Monitors Pump Condition
Identify pump failures before they happen by using all-titanium IEPE accelerometers. The Model 8042-01 features an integral cable that is custom designed for submersible applications and features a unique water block feature that self-seals in the event of accidental cuts to the cable.

NEW Tension Link Range
StrainSense is now offering a robust construction tension transducer link for lifting and drag applications. It is available in a range of capacities from 1 to 500 tonnes, with impressive performance of <0.1% accuracy for the full range.

March 2013

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