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Strainstall supply Mooring Monitoring System for Wave Energy Converter

Strainstall Marine has recently supplied a mooring monitoring system for a new wave energy converter.

The system utilises load measuring shackles to measure the forces in the mooring lines generated by oceanographic and weather changes to allow their effects to be determined. This enables the loading on individual mooring lines to be kept within safe limits, ensuring that they remain safely secured to the sea bed. The system is a critical tool in the operation of the device, as the risks involved in underestimating the forces and loads could have serious consequences should they became too high and cause the unit to break free from its moorings.

These systems can also be used as an aid during installation/deployment for mooring line set-up and to provide information that can enhance the design in respect of strength and reliability. We provide several types of mooring systems, each of which are tailored to meet the requirements of the specific application, and can range from the supply of a single load cell, pin or shackle to a completely integrated monitoring system with shore communication and SCADA type monitoring and control.

March 2012

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