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Strainstall introduce new Container Weighing System for Dockside Cranes

Following talks within the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) to introduce mandatory weighing of containers, Strainstall have utilised their 45 years of experience in providing industry leading measurement solutions to developed their own container weighing system.

The system is designed for low impact installation and enables operators to view live loadings via an in-cab display or log/transmit data for analysis at a later stage. Various integration options are available, including modification of spreader twist locks and replacing existing load bearing pins or components with load measuring pins within the existing spreader head block assembly.

Benefits include:
* Simple non-intrusive integration
* High accuracy and reliability
* Optional telemetry versions available
* Numerous output options
* View live or store historic data
* Can be retrofitted

The system has been specifically developed to enable port authorities, shipping companies and couriers to establish the exact weight of containers, hence avoiding accidents and equipment damage due to overloaded containers, poorly loaded vessels consuming additional fuel and revenue loss for terminals and shipping lines from transporting containers with under-declared weights.

November 2012

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