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  COMPACT range of Instruments  

The Compact series is a recent addition to the extensive range
of process measurement control and display instrumentation
available from Stroud Instruments Ltd.

DIN rail mounting, narrow 22.5mm profile, front accessible terminations
and 24V dc auxiliary power are all features of the Compact range offering
versatile space saving solutions to system designers and pane builders.

The COM-2 Trip Amplifier provides a voltage-free changeover contact
which changes state when the input signal passes an adjustable
reference point. COM-2 standard features include Field Programmable
input ranges and High/Low type selection. A dual colour LED provides
indication of power-on and tripped state.

The COM-3 Isolator provides combined 3-port isolation and signal
conversion functions. This unit has Field Programmable input and
output ranges covering all the common process signals and special
ranges can be provided to order.

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July 2000