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One step ahead: Environmental monitoring raises security and improves operational economies

Data loggers facilitate tracking of climatic conditions for easy management of recreation areas

"Let the cloud work for you" is the slogan that inspired T&D Corporation to develop its RTR 500 product family of wireless data loggers, devices for communication and data collection, cloud services and software.

The equipment can be easily combined to create tailor-made systems and adapted to specific needs. Precise monitoring of remote or difficult to access locations becomes easy, as does sharing data with several recipients.

Kusatsu is one of the most beautiful ski regions in Japan and more than 90 per cent of the local population work in tourism or the service sector. Providing excellent service and ensuring visitor safety is an essential task. With vast slopes of up to 8.000 metres and ski runs at an altitude of about 926 m, piste conditions can vary dramatically and are difficult to supervise.

However, a wireless data logger solution using devices from T&D Corporation's RTR-500 series now ensures easy monitoring and a comprehensive overview of conditions: Several RTR-503 data loggers, placed at strategic locations, are wirelessly tied to an RTR-500MBS-A mobile base station.

Collected data is transmitted via the 3G mobile telephone network to T&D's cloud based WebStorage service so that current temperature and humidity measurements can be accessed via PC or mobile device. Now, ski lift operators as well as security personnel, tourist offices and hotels can access data 24 hours a day, from wherever they are located.

T&D Wireless Datalogging Systems have thus been able to raise overall levels of safety and improve the service enjoyed by tourists.

About T&D Corporation:
The Japanese T&D Corporation was founded 1986 in Matsumoto. The company name derives from "try and develop" and emphasizes the company's ambition to create innovative products with a high degree of practical usefulness. Having started out developing electronic products mainly for the automotive aftermarket, today the company is the Japanese market leader for data loggers. A team of about 50 specialists are engaged in developing data logger systems for industrial, public and private demands. Production takes place in a high-tech site in Matsumoto, Japan, and since 2003, T&D Corporation has been exporting its wireless data loggers worldwide. The company is represented through a European Sales Office located in Niddatal near Frankfurt and a sales office in the USA.

For more information, please contact :-

T&D Corporation
European Sales Office
Minoru Ito
Gronauer Str. 1
61194 Niddatal
Tel.: +49 6034 93 09 70
Fax: +49 3212 68 41 958

December 2015

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