PCB Pieztronics, Inc - PRODUCT NEWS
Handheld shaker checks accelerometers
and vibration systems. PCB Piezotronics has introduced a new portable handheld shaker designed for the simple testing of accelerometers and vibration monitoring systems to ensure that they are operating correctly. The shaker is a small, self-contained handheld device which provides a known, controlled RMS or peak vibrating force which is applied to the accelerometer to verify its performance. The shaker is mechanically attached to the accelerometer and provides a 1g acceleration for multiple calibration cycles at a frequency of 159.2 Hz. with an automatic shut-off after a 1.5 minute cycle. For continuous testing, the shut-off control can be overridden. Accelerometers weighing up to 210 grams can be driven and a mechanical stop on the internal suspension system provides overload protection. Operating with four AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor, the shaker has a battery life of up to 40 hours and comes with an assortment of accessories including a carrying case, several mounting studs, a battery pack and a storage case. ________________________________________________________ June 2000 - Ref: 9315

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