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New model added to blast and acoustic pressure transducer range The new 165 series of high performance piezoelectric pressure transducers has been added to the already extensive range of blast and acoustic sensors from PCB Piezotronics. The 165 has been specifically designed to retrofit popular existing mounting ports for ballistic pressure measurements but with the wide choice of other models, applications in the study of acoustics, hydraulics, compressors, engine test, cavitation, blast, explosion, turbulence and shock waves can also be covered. With a welded, hermetically sealed, stainless steel construction, the dynamic pressure sensors offer extremely fast rise times up to 500 kHz due their inherent stiffness and are suited for measuring small fluctuations in the presence of high static pressures. A variety of sizes, pressure ranges from 0.007 kPa to 69,000 kPa and mounting configurations are available with probe, adaptor and clamp nut alternatives. Many of the models can be supplied with or without integral hybrid electronic circuitry offering a choice of output interfaces and can also come with optional acceleration compensation. _______________________________________________________ June 2001
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