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Seismic Accelerometers for low frequency vibration measurement. PCB Piezotronics have introduced a small sized, low frequency, high output seismic accelerometer to add to their current range of high sensitivity vibration sensors. The model 393B05 has a 10V/g sensitivity whilst having a mass of only 50 grams. This sensor is ideally suited for seismic vibration monitoring of semiconductor fabrication facilities, structural testing of space structures, and low frequency low amplitude modal analysis and vibration testing applications. As with all the 390 seismic series, it can also be used for the detection of ultra-low level vibrations associated with very large structures such as bridges or buildings, as well as foundation vibration monitoring and earth tremors. The ceramic piezoelectric element has a flexural design, which provides a high output with a small seismic mass, and offers a broadband resolution down to at least 4µg rms. The element is housed in a hermetically sealed titanium case, which is just 31mm high and 25mm diameter. Whilst most of the range have rugged 2-pin connectors ideally suited to outdoor use, the 393B05 has a 10-32 microdot connection. The 10V/g output sensitivity provided by the built in ICP® electronics, allows measurements up to ±0.5g with a ±5V full-scale output, over a frequency range of 0.6 to 650 Hz (±5%). _______________________________________________________ January 2003
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