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New accelerometer designed to measure very high frequencies. PCB Piezotronics are now offering the new 352A60 accelerometer which has been specifically designed for very high frequency measurements. This lightweight, single axis, ICP® accelerometer features an extended flat frequency response from 5Hz to 60kHz (+/-3dB). The unit has a sensitivity rating of 10mV/g, with a measurement range of 500g. Built in ICP® electronics, provide clean low impedance voltage output signals that can be transmitted over relatively long cable lengths. Typical applications include vibration measurements of scaled models, gear mesh measurements and NVH studies on automotive parts and brackets. The ceramic shear design of the sensor offers very low transverse sensitivity (typically lower than 3%) and the self-contained high pass filter extends the resonant frequency to 95kHz. The hermetically sealed stainless steel housing minimises loading effects on small or light test structures and terminates with a top mounted 5-44 coaxial connector. (ICP is a registered trademark of PCB Piezotronics Inc.) _____________________________________________________ April 2004
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