New Data Logger for remote monitoring up to 250 channels. New from TML is the data logger used for remote monitoring of up to 250 channels with appropriate switching boxes. The TDS-300 has no internal operating unit, switching box or printer, and communication to a computer is by an RS-232C interface or modem. Unlike other units in the TDS family which can be used as stand alone data loggers including memory and printout, this instrument requires connection to a computer for control and to download the data. This can be accomplished on site with a laptop or via a modem link, and control software is supplied as standard. A scanning speed of 12 points per second can be achieved with high accuracy and high stability, due to the built-in triple integration A/D converter. Bridge excitation is a 2V DC 20mSec pulse, which helps reduce heating effects, especially on low heat conductive materials such as plastics. With appropriate switch boxes such as TML's ASW series, measurements can be taken from strain gauges, thermocouples or from voltage output sensors, and these switch boxes can be daisy chained to allow up to a maximum of 250 channels. Applications for the TDS-300 data logger would include on site measurements where either laptop control was appropriate, or a modem link could be made to a remote computer. Thus remote interrogation of sensors could be achieved. _________________________________________________ August 2004

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