New Displacement Transducer is range programmable. A new addition to the Schreiber Messtechnik range of inductive displacement sensors now available in the UK , is the SM41/43 series for measurement from 20mm to 360mm full scale. These sensors have built in electronics, which allows the unit to be set up for any displacement range within its total measurement range. So for example, a 100mm version can be programmed with a 4-20mA output, which correlates exactly with any range required to be measured - say from 20mm to 80mm. It does not have to be the full 100mm range, as a non-programmable version would be. Other standard outputs are available, and the sensors can be supplied already set up to order, or can be configured by the customer. Programming is accomplished by simply applying the supply voltage to extra pins on the output connection. The internal electronics take the analogue signal of the inductive sensor and digitise this in a 16 bit A/D converter, followed by processing in a micro-controller. The signal is linearised using the sensor's eeprom stored variance of accuracy, and through a 16 bit D/A converter is then transformed into a scaled analogue output signal. The accuracy normally supplied is 0.25% but there is an option of 0.1% accuracy, and the output can be configured to give an increasing signal when the shaft is either pushed in or pulled out. _________________________________________________ February 2005

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