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 Techni Measure - PRODUCT NEWS

Miniature Pressure Sensors. TML have introduced to their range of strain gauge pressure transducers, some very small sensors designed for various modelling tests. They are available in 5 ranges and in two different designs, with the picture showing the vertical mount design. The sensors come in ranges from 200kPa up to 3Mpa full scale, and have an integral 4-core 1m cable, for connection to standard strain gauge amplification systems. The PDA model is a flat disc, 6.5mm diameter and 1 to 1.4 mm thick, with a side entry cable offering a very low profile pressure measurement. The PDB has the same disc size, but with a vertical mount cable. Both can be used safely immersed in water. The rated output is about 1mV/V with a bridge resistance of 350 Ohms. These sensors are included amongst TML's Civil Engineering transducer range, which includes several special designs for pore pressure, inclination, crack opening measurements, and ground movement. Full size soil pressure measurement transducers are also available, and all these are shown in the TML Civil Engineering Transducers catalogue, which is freely available from Techni Measure. _________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Techni Measure Alexandra Buildings, 59 Alcester Road, Studley B80 7NJ. UK Tel: +44(0) 1527 854103 Fax: +44(0) 1527 853267 Email: Website: January 2006
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