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New Angle Sensors.


Part of the Schreiber Messtechnik range of inductive
displacement sensors recently introduced to the UK by
Techni Measure, is the SM60 series for measurement of

This range of inductive angle transducers offers measurements from
30° up to 90° full-scale range. Most types are available with built in
electronics requiring a simple DC voltage supply, with the rugged
SM62 model having either voltage or 4-20mA output signals. Standard
accuracy is specified at less than 0.5% full scale, but more accurate
options are available if required.

The operation principle of the inductive sensors, involves a nickel iron
core rotor moving through two coils of a differential choke. The position
of the rotor leads to an inductance variation in the coils and either
internal or external electronics converts this variation into a signal
proportional to the angle of rotation. Units without built in electronics
require external conditioning which can be supplied in either single
channel rail mount modules or multi-channel modules, which contain
the oscillator and demodulation required for this type of sensor.

These transducers complement the existing Techni Measure range
of low cost potentiometers that can also be used for angle measurements,
but the SM60 series offer longer life (no contact wiper), greater accuracy
and environmental protection to IP65.

For more information, please contact :-

Techni Measure
Alexandra Buildings, 59 Alcester Road, Studley B80 7NJ. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1527 854103
Fax: +44(0) 1527 853267

March 2006

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