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Industrial Charge Amplifier. The model 421A25 is the latest electronic unit to be introduced. It has been designed primarily for use with a charge mode force sensor to enable dynamic force monitoring in the industrial environment. This unit will connect to any piezoelectric sensor having a pC charge mode output, and serves to amplify the signal to provide level and peak monitoring of dynamic behaviour. When used with an appropriate sensor, this amplifier is ideally suited to applications such as press monitoring, as well as crimping or stamping operations. The amplifier is built into a rugged die cast aluminium housing, and can be pre-programmed via the built in RS-232 interface, and has a self check function. The sensor is simply connected to the BNC input connector on the side of the housing, with the computer using the other connector for setting up. The model 421A25 has continuous gain settings and 16 different input ranges from 100pC to 1,000,000pC, and also allows for force level monitoring via two built in adjustable alarm outputs. There is a peak hold and reset function, so that repetitive operations can be monitored. _________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- PCB Piezotronics Ltd. 7 Paynes Park, Hitchin, Herts. SG51EH UK Tel: +44(0)1462 429710 Fax: +44(0)1462 429798 Email: info@pcbpiezotronics.co.uk Web: www.pcb.com March 2006

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