TEDS PDA Reader. The new model 400A87 PDA system for reading and writing TEDS information to IEEE 1451.4 compliant transducers, has been introduced by as a replacement for a previous system. The 400A87 allows the user to display the contents of the transducer's TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) memory chip, and to write user-specific information such as measurement position, to the chip. The unit shows the entire transducer data sheet in full detail, with sensitivity being displayed in either SI or English units. The device supports templates for IEEE P1451.4 Version 0.9, the newly released IEEE 1451.4 1.0, and LMS International templates 117 and 118. TM also have a PC based TEDS system which allows access to a wider range of Industry templates. The 400A76 TEDS sensor interface kit provides the hardware and software to enable the user to read and write TEDS data in 16 IEEE TEDS templates plus three established by LMS International. Types of sensors supported include accelerometers and microphones. _________________________________________________ March 2006

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