Inertia-Link Systems We are pleased to announce the introduction to the MicroStrain range, of the Inertia-Link products. Offered as both wired USB connection sensors and as a wireless system, the Inertia-Link® is a high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Vertical Gyro, utilising MEMS sensor technology. The system includes three orthogonal rate gyroscopes, three orthogonal accelerometers, a microprocessor, data logger, and in the case of the wireless system, an RF transceiver and aerial. The orientation range is 360º about all axes (pitch, roll & yaw), with a typical accuracy of ±0.5º for static test conditions, and ±2.0º for dynamic conditions. Output modes include acceleration and angular rate, deltaAngle and deltaVelocity, Euler angles and a rotation matrix. Applications for this sensor would include unmanned vehicles and robotic navigation, platform stabilisation, biomechanics applications, and general attitude sensing. Software is included in the starter kit for both versions, and an external DC battery pack is supplied with the wireless kit. _________________________________________________ July 2006

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