New rugged Dynamic Pressure Sensor

Dytran have just released their new rugged design dynamic piezoelectric pressure transducer. The model 2006V2 has a 50mV/g sensitivity giving a dynamic pressure range of 100psi. It differs from their other pressure sensors, in that it has a rugged 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector, and a ¼-28 NPT mounting thread.

There will be two other models in this series, with model 2006V3 having a 50psi range, and model 2006V1 having a 500psi range. They were designed for use in industrial pressure applications including pressure pulsations, acoustic studies and pipeline leak detection, where a rugged design and in particular a rugged cable and connection are required.

The housing and diaphragm are made from 316L stainless steel that is fully hermetically sealed, and it is 43mm long with a ¾ inch hex body for tightening. The unit has built in standard IEPE electronics with an upper temperature limit of 121 degC, and the housing is electrically isolated from ground, in order to prevent ground loop problems.

The frequency response is up to 5kHz ±10%, with a minimum rise time of 2 microseconds. The sensor is acceleration compensated, which minimizes the effect on the output signal, of any axial vibration that might be generated by the structure into which it is mounted.

November 2009

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