Conax range of Pressure and Vacuum seal fittings

New from Techni measure is the Conax range of pressure and vacuum seal fittings, offering a wide choice for sealing single or multi-element conductors or wires.

Compression seal fittings restrain the elements from moving as a result of pressure differentials, prohibit the leakage of gas/liquid media along the elements, and can electrically isolate the elements from the mounting device.

Single element seals consist of a body, cap, sealant and follower, whereas multiple element seals also include a seat, follower and an anti-rotation pin to prevent wires/conductors from twisting and shearing. The element to be sealed passes through the holes in the sealing assembly components and the cap is then torqued to the recommended value, thus translating an axial force on the follower. This force compresses the sealant contained within the body housing so that the sealant conforms to the element, creating a seal.

The elastic nature of the sealant allows it to flow into any voids between the seal and the element. Typical applications include pressure vessels, autoclaves, furnaces, holding tanks and pipelines. The PL series is for multiple power leads and come supplied with 8 to 20 AWG Kapton insulated wire pre-installed. The TG series are supplied with or without wires and are for low voltage applications such as strain gauges and thermocouples. Split seals are also available.

November 2009

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