SG-Link Wireless Circuit is very compact.

MicroStrain are now offering their proven SG-Link wireless circuit on a small PCB for applications where space is tight. The standard design is on a 30mm square board, having one differential channel that includes full strain gauge conditioning with programmable gain and offset, and one single ended voltage input channel. Other OEM custom configurations are available.

Featuring 2 kHz sweep rates (4 kHz for 1 channel only), combined with a 2MB flash memory, these little nodes pack a lot of power into such a small package. The node can operate over a wireless connection to a base station up to 70m away, and is compatible with a wide range of analogue sensors, including strain gauges, displacement sensors, load cells, torque transducers, pressure sensors, accelerometers, temperature sensors, inclinometers and others.

An external 3.2 to 9 volts supply is required. The bi-directional RF communications link in the 2.4GHz range, can trigger a sample to be logged, or request real time data to be transmitted to the host PC for data acquisition and analysis.

Typical applications include condition monitoring of machines, structures or vehicles, and as an example it is used in the MicroStrain Shear pin product, used to measure shear forces on bolted structures.

November 2009

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