Strain Sensor

Techni Measure is pleased to introduce the re-usable strain sensor from Scaime. The Epsimetal V is an interesting extension to their wide range of load cells, and has a full-scale range of +- 500 microstrain. With built in electronics, this sensor provides a standard calibrated output of 5mV/microstrain.

It can be fixed by bolting direct onto a structure, or via flat or curved adhesive mounting plates. The supplied M2.5 mounting bolts are built in to avoid losing them on removal from the structure. Although the standard output signal is an analogue voltage, there are options for alarm level outputs, 4-20mA and RS-232.

The sensor comes with a 6m integral cable and is temperature compensated for steel between -10 degC and + 50 degC, however special compensations can be supplied for other materials. The Epsimetal is 47mm long and 16.6mm wide with a height of 16mm and weight of 30g excluding cable.

Environmental protection is to IP54. Full mounting kits can be supplied if required. Typical applications for this device include tie rod loading for moulding machines, general machine frame monitoring, crack monitoring, and overload warning for load operations. Full mounting and monitoring kits for tie rod balancing can also be supplied.

November 2009

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