Ultra-miniature Accelerometer weighs just 0.2 grams

Dytran Instruments have released a new ultra-miniature accelerometer that weighs just 0.2 grams. This sensor is ideally suited in applications where the additional mass of the monitoring device could affect the test conditions.

Even though the 3224A2 sensor is tiny, it has a robust construction with a welded titanium housing. The sensor is ideal for tests involving environmental stress screening, printed circuit board vibration measurements, mechanical shock applications or general purpose vibration monitoring where space or weight is at a premium.

The device has integral IEPE electronic circuitry providing a sensitivity of 2mV/g, and can operate at temperatures from -50 degC to +148 degC. It is designed for adhesive mounting and offers a frequency response up to 10kHz. It uses a quartz sensing element in a planar shear mode that helps to reduce base strain effects, thermal transient response and thermal coefficient sensitivity.

The integral lightweight cable is almost 1m long and terminates in a 10-32 connector for easy lead wire extension. The model 3224A1 looks physically identical but has a ceramic sensing element instead, giving a more sensitive 10mV/g output and a higher frequency range of 20kHz.

November 2009

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