Slot Sensor is unique inductive Dispalcement Sensor

A unique product in the Schreiber Messtechnik range of inductive displacement sensors, is their model SM48 slot sensor. Instead of the standard offering of extending shaft sensors, these devices measure the position of a thin vane passing through a slot in the sensor.

The unit has two coil systems facing each other in an anodised aluminium housing, separated by an air gap. The supplied vane changes the magnetic coupling of the two coil systems, and the built in electronics converts this variation into an output signal proportional to the movement of the vane.

The displacement range is up to 20mm with an accuracy of better than 0.5% full scale. Three output options of 0-20mA, 4-20mA or +-10V are available. The sensor is 80mm long, 60mm wide and 26.5mm high and either IP66 protection or IP40 are available depending on the cable connector used. Frequency response is up to 800Hz.

Obvious applications for this design would be accurate small angular position sensing, but it could also be employed in linear travel measurement where a standard shaft design sensor would not be appropriate.

November 2009

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