New 4-wire Single Strain Gauge System

TML have introduced a new 4-wire single strain gauge system that solves the problem of temperature changes due to lead wires, and also any contact resistance effects when connecting up the gauge to instrumentation or in-line connections. This enables long thin cables to be used with low cost connectors.

Traditionally, 3-wire leads have been used to help reduce temperature effects on the lead wire, however some measurement errors still occur owing to gauge factor changes due to lead wire resistance and variation in contact resistance.

For 3 element rosette strain gauges the number of lead wires using this new technology can be reduced to 6 due to the use of shared gauge leads to complete the 4-wire connection.

The basic electrical circuit is a simple series circuit consisting of the gauge resistance and a reference resistance, where with a constant current, the strain is found from a ratio of the voltage generated across the gauge, to the voltage across the reference resistance.

TML have developed a few new instruments to accept these new gauges, with the added option of employing low cost RJ12 connectors.


November 2009

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