High Temperature Accelerometers survive up to 482 °C

Dytran have recently been expanding their line of ultra high temperature accelerometers, designed for vibration testing under extreme temperatures. All designs are charge output types with some having a differential output, although the model 5334 comes with an in-line miniature differential charge amplifier creating a system that will operate from a standard IEPE 2-wire constant current supply.

Whilst there have been designs for some time that can be used up to 260degC, new crystal technologies has enabled accelerometers to be designed for use in temperatures up to 482degC, with even higher temperature models being planned. The model 5334 utilises the model 3218C accelerometer, which has a 3-bolt mounting, a differential output, and comes fitted to a standard length of hard line cable.

For the 5334 system, this accelerometer is fitted to an in-line differential charge amplifier, giving a 10mV/g system output sensitivity that can operate from a constant current supply. The 3235C series has a differential output and is available with 50, 100, or 200pC/g sensitivities.

With operational temperatures of up to 482degC, these units are ideal for turbine vibration measurements, including aircraft turbines, industrial turbines, vibration studies of automotive engine and exhaust systems, and general vibration measurements under ultra high temperature conditions.

These sensors are the first utilising some of the new crystal technology being developed at Dytran, and we would be very pleased to discuss any application that you may have for high temperature vibration measurements


June 2010

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