100 kHz Wireless Node

The new HS-Link wireless node from MicroStrain is the latest in their series of wireless sensor nodes for strain gauge and voltage output sensors. A maximum sample rate of up to 100kHz is possible as burst data, which is stored in an internal memory.

Either one full differential input with optional bridge completion or one single ended 0-3V input can be ordered.

The node is designed to log data to internal memory, and upload this data wirelessly to a host computer once logging is complete. Data is collected during periodic, user definable sampling sessions, at rates up to 100kHz. Burst data (0.4 seconds at 100kHz) are temporarily stored in a sample buffer (125,000 data points) and are then transferred to a non-volatile internal 2MB flash memory (1,000,000 data points).

The bi-directional RF communications link can trigger logging from at least 50m, or request stored data to be transmitted to the host computer for data acquisition and analysis. A network of nodes can be used to simultaneously store dynamic data, with node-to-node synchronisation of +-4 microseconds. Including the mounting lugs and connectors, this node is just 56.4mm long, 47.6mm wide and 15.1mm high, and weighs 24.8 grams.

Applications for this device would include health monitoring of structures and vehicles, shock detection, or any other dynamic experimental tests.

We would be please to discuss any application where this node could be used, and if you have any questions regarding wireless sensor monitoring in general, we would be pleased to visit you to discuss any possible application.

June 2010

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