Bearing Temperature Sensors

Conax have recently produced a data sheet to describe their range of miniature bearing temperature sensors. These sensors are designed to measure the temperature of a bearing beneath the shoe, and if required can also be supplied with sensor wire seals to prevent oil leakage along the wires.

The Conax MBS series is available as either Platinum resistance (RTD's) or various standard thermocouple sensors, and come in five different sizes and designs. Some of the designs are also available with dual sensor elements, and various case materials can be supplied, including stainless steel and brass. The E, J, K or T type thermocouples can be supplied as grounded or ungrounded, and the lead wire length can be specified, with 36 inches being the standard.

The sensors can be bonded inside the bearing shoe with epoxy, or there is a version that can be mounted with the use of a retaining ring and spring that allows easy removal and reinstallation. If an oil seal is required (BSWS series), the sensor wires to be sealed pass through holes in the sealing assembly components and a cap is then torqued to the recommended value, thus translating an axial force on a follower. This force compresses the sealant contained within the body housing so that the sealant conforms to the wires.

Please ask for further details on this new series of bearing temperature sensors, or for any advice you may need on any bearing monitoring application. We have the products and expertise to solve most applications.

June 2010

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