New Strain Gauge Catalogue from Techni Measure

TML have just published a new strain gauge catalogue that includes details on several new products. Of particular interest should be the new YUF strain gauges that have a strain limit for post yield work up to 20 to 30%, but there is also a new cryogenic gauge (CEF) that can be used not only at -269degC, but also up to +200degC.

Available in 2mm or 5mm gauge lengths, the YUFLA series is not applicable to the measurement of repeated strain measurements and should be used with TML's cyanoacrylate adhesive. However when correctly fitted this gauge should be capable of post yield measurements up to 30% strain levels (300,000 microstrain). The CEFLA series of gauges cannot only be used at cryogenic temperatures, but also up to +200degC. This series is available in 1, 3 and 6mm gauge lengths.

There is also a special new gauge designed for embedding in asphalt. The PMFLS gauge has a 60mm gauge length and is encased in a special plastic, having water and heat resistance. The gauge can withstand the typical 200degC temperatures of hot asphalt during embedment, but then measure strain at -20 to + 60degC and is temperature compensated for asphalt. A new Pavement surface strain gauge series SSM-360, has 16 gauges mounted on one backing in either X or Y orientation providing strain measurements over a 360mm length.

There is also an extension to the BF range of gauges that can be supplied temperature compensated for various composite materials. With 2 or 5mm gauges lengths, 2 and 3 element gauges (cross and rosette) are now also available. In addition there is a two-page description of TML's new, patented 4-wire strain gauge system, as well as two pages devoted to applications for miniature strain gauges. Although the cover looks the same as previous publications this new 77 page catalogue contains many new products.

Please ask for a copy of the new catalogue, version number E-101S, and if you have any questions regarding the measurement of strain in general, we would be pleased to visit you to discuss any possible application.

June 2010

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