Range of Wireless V-Link is extended

The 8 channel V-Link has now been added to the new mXRS range of wireless nodes from MicroStrain, that offer a much longer transmission range (up to 1km), as well as excellent synchronisation between multiple nodes, with control from just one of the new WSDA base stations.

At the heart of MicroStrain's extended range synchronized (mXRS) system is the WSDA-Base, which uses exclusive beaconing protocols to synch precision timekeepers embedded within each sensor node in the network.

The WSDA-Base also coordinates data collection from all sensor nodes, including now the V-LINK-mXRS. On-board sensor excitation, bridge completion, programmable gains & offsets, and differential & single ended inputs provide an extremely versatile sensor interface.

Users can easily programme each node on the network for simultaneous, periodic, or burst mode sampling with the Node Commander software, which then automatically configures network radio communications to maximize the aggregate sample rate.

Support for hundreds of simultaneous sampling wireless sensor nodes is possible with node to node synchronization of +/- 32 microseconds and an ultra-stable on-board precision timing reference of +/- 3 ppm over a typical industrial temperature range. Extended wireless communication range is possible up to 1 km. Applications include condition-based monitoring of machines, health monitoring of structures and vehicles, and experimental test and measurement.

February 2012

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