New Holder for Frictional Strain Gauges

TML have introduced another new design of holder for their frictional strain gauges. The new FGMH-1B and FGMH-2A are designed for metallic targets, since a magnet holds the Strain Checker to the structure whilst a spring holds down the integral frictional gauge to the surface.

Whilst ordinary strain gauges measure strain generated in a structure through adhesive mounting, the frictional strain gauge measures the strain by the friction produced at the interface. Strain is easily and immediately measured by directly attaching the strain checker to a position of interest, using the arm at the top for aligning the gauge.

The FGMH-1B is a standard type strain checker, being small and light, whereas the FGMH-2A, which uses a smaller 3mm gauge, is designed for applications in a narrow space. Whilst not as accurate as bonding a standard strain gauge, these gauges can easily be used several times by simply repositioning. It can therefore be used as a tool for quickly locating the highest strain levels on a beam for instance, and once fitted in place, the user can operate recording instruments with hands free.

Strain measurements can also be taken without special surface preparation, and even on a painted surface. In this case however care should be taken that loose layers are removed, and that measurements are repeated with standard bonded strain gauges if accurate results are required. Measurements on large on-site structures such as bridges or cranes are obvious application examples.

February 2012

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