New catalogues describe wide range of Pressure sealing Glands and Miniature Temperature Sensors

Conax Technologies offer a wide range of pressure sealing glands and temperature sensors, and apart from their two major catalogues that describe their product range, they also publish a range of brochures that show some of their more specialised products in more detail.

Among these brochures are details on the range of miniature bearing temperature sensors designed to provide a warning of rising temperature in bearings, so that early signs of breakdown of the lubricating oil film can be recognised.

There are several brochures giving details on special high temperature thermocouple assemblies and exhaust gas sensors. In particular are the sensors designed for highly reliable retrofit for exhaust gas sensors in turbine frames, that have a separate cable and thermocouple so that fitted thermocouple cables do not need replacing. Another brochure describes the sample probe assembly that offers the means to take samples from a pressurised process by hot tapping a probe into the process via a process isolation valve.

The basic system comprises a sample probe assembly with a welded stop collar that passes through an existing stop valve assembly, and is then sealed with a Conax packing gland. Another brochure shows a range of high performance electrode glands able to carry 8000VDC to 200 Amps.

Conax have many solutions that are not necessarily included in their main catalogues, so if you have a special temperature application, or require a solution to seal wires or tubes inside a pressure or vacuum vessel, at high pressure or temperature, then we may well have a solution.

February 2012

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