The first 40 years of Techni Measure

Techni Measure is proud to announce that we have now been in business for 40 years. In that time we have seen a few changes, and some of these are listed on the back page for those who might like to know a bit of our history. It seems that even though we have had for most of this time, a large range of sensors for many different applications, we are still known in some quarters as a strain gauge company or vibration company.

Techni Measure was founded by Frank Ramage. Trading officially started on November 1st with a postal address at 3, The Green, Chalfont St. Giles - thus green became the company colour. The office was actually based at the family home nearby, with Betty Ramage as joint partner and acting as secretary, and Stanley Parsonage as a consultant representative. TML strain gauges and Sakae potentiometers were amongst the first orders.

1972 An agency agreement was signed with PCB Piezotronics in July to market their range of dynamic piezo-electric sensors, and a relationship with Varac Industries, soon to become Micro Engineering II and then Stresscoat, began.

1974 The office was moved to Dell House, Hazlemere, with a separate area for the business adjacent to the family home.

1975 A relationship with Okaya to market their LED's was agreed.

1976 A relationship with CIL (Creative Instrumentation Ltd.) was agreed to market low cost strain gauge instrumentation.

1977 Susan Pratt became the first official long term employee as secretary, working for 8 years until the office was moved again.

1978 A relationship with Megatron began to market their range of motorised potentiometers.

1979 The first formal agreement with Setra Systems was made to market their range of pressure sensors.

1980 Ian Ramage joined the company as a representative in October and later became a partner.

1982 The first Techni Measure short form catalogue was printed.

1984 Betty Ramage passed away in September.

1985 Peter Ramage joined the company in January as a partner to help with sales and administration. Frank Ramage passed away in July. In September the office was officially moved to new separate premises at Alexandra Buildings, Studley. Shelley Collett was appointed principal secretary and stayed for 5 years.

1986 Felicity Ramage started working for the company as a part-time secretarial assistant. Keyence proximity and optical sensors were introduced to the UK in October.

1987 Ron Saunders joined the company as a representative to help cover the eastern side of the country.

1988 Stanley Parsonage passed away in November.

1989 Evelyn Flanagan was appointed as principal secretary and stayed for 5 years.

1990 Patricia Newton (nee Ramage) joined the company in February as a partner and to help cover the London and South East area of the country.

1993 John Darley joined the company in March to help cover the South West of the country and to help in the office. The offices were extended into the adjacent premises to make more room for stock and testing areas in order to achieve BS5750/IS09002 accreditation.

1994 Peter Freeman joined the company in October initially to help with quality accreditation, but joined full time after 3 months to help in the office. A relationship with Huba Control to market their range of pressure transmitters and switches was agreed.

1995 Susan Davis was appointed as principal secretary and stayed for 16 years.

1997 A relationship with JR Dynamics began to promote their miniature amplifiers and telemetry systems.

1999 Steve Whitaker joined the company to cover the North of England and Scotland and Ron Saunders retired after 12 years. A relationship to market their range of load cells and pressure sensors was agreed with AEP.

2001 The first TechniTalk biannual Newsletter was published.

2003 A relationship with Schreiber Messtechnik began, to market their range of displacement sensors in the UK.

2005 An agreement with MicroStrain was signed, to market their range of displacement, orientation and wireless systems.

2007 An agreement with Dytran was signed to market their range of piezoelectric sensors, and a relationship with Hansford Sensors began, to help with sales of their industrial vibration sensors. Also an agreement with Capacitec was signed in order to represent their Capacitance sensors in the UK.

2009 John Darley retired after 16 years and an agreement with Conax was signed to market their range of pressure seals and temperature sensors.

2010 Sue Davis retired after 16 years and Sam Brown was appointed as principal secretary.

2011 All at Techni Measure celebrate 40 years in business.


February 2012

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