Lossless Wireless Systems

MicroStrain's new Lossless Extended Range Synchronized (LXRS™) Wireless Sensor Network combines a groundbreaking lossless data wireless communication protocol with ultra-stable precision time sync and network scalability to enable many wireless sensor nodes to communicate to a single base station over long distances.

When data is received without errors by the WSDA base station, the WSDA sends an acknowledgement that these packets were received. Data that is not acknowledged remain within each LXRS sensor node's non-volatile memory for re-transmission according to the network scheduler. Data is time-stamped by each node at the time of analogue-to-digital (A/D) conversion, therefore, even when re-transmitted, all data is accurately time stamped.

LXRS protocols enable highly reliable data collection from scalable networks of wireless strain, acceleration, torque, force, temperature, etc. Under most operating conditions, users will enjoy 100% reliable (i.e., lossless) data transmission. This is very important when working in harsh operating environments or when the system may be subject to periodic RF interference. Critical experiments, that may be difficult to set-up or replicate, can benefit from LXRS reliability. Synchronized data collection, combined with LXRS data acquisition, allows users to select lower sampling rates, because there is no need to over sample. In many cases, users can also use reduced radio transmission power levels, which leads to longer battery life a

August 2012

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