New Capacitance Electronics

Capacitec have introduced a new dual channel design of high specification electronics for their range of capacitance sensors. The new Capteura™ 200 Series offers Capacitec's highest stability and lowest noise solution for displacement measurements, when used in conjunction with any of the Capacitec line of non-contact displacement, gap and hole sensors.

The Capteura™ 200 Series combines two amplifiers onto each card allowing it to be twice as dense as most systems, and its small modular size requires a smaller rack enclosure.

The Capteura™ 200 Series is available in three different form factors. The 208 rack holds up to 8 channels, the 216 rack holds up to 16 channels, and the stand-alone 200-ENC single card enclosure allows for 1 dual channel card to be used in a dedicated aluminium enclosure. This 200-ENC system includes a built in modular clock/driver card in the rugged enclosure, and an external universal AC/DC power adaptor along with a 12ft long analogue output cable and a 12ft target grounding cable. The rear panel of the 208 and 216 rack enclosures provides one BNC female connector for each primary analogue output in single-ended mode, plus a 24-pin D-Sub connection, having an additional analogue output connector offering differential analogue output options. On the rack systems the extra slot holds the 200-C Oscillator card with optional DAQ 8 channel A/D to USB module, and either an AC or DC power supply is included.

August 2012

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