USB Triaxial Accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the 5340 digital USB accelerometer system, which they are calling the VibraScout. Employing a triaxial DC accelerometer (7543A) with a MEMS capacitive sensing element, and housed in a hermetically sealed titanium case, this system simply links to a computer via a USB cable.

Tailored for zero to 1.6KHz frequency applications, the VibraScout offers continuous logging and display of 6 outputs - triaxial X, Y, and Z acceleration data, temperature, as well as roll and pitch, with the ability to save to a .txt file using the supplied license free Windows compatible analysis software. This software also allows auto and smart triggering modes, digital filters to improve signal/noise, and FFT calculations.

The full-scale vibration range is 16g, but the maximum shock level is specified as 10,000g. Power is drawn from the USB supply of the computer, thus providing quick and easy field data collection. Internal electronics use this DC supply to generate the correct supply for the internal temperature sensor, as well as the three variable capacitance accelerometers configured orthogonally for X, Y, Z outputs.

The temperature range of the sensor is from -40 to +85°C, the cable connection is on the side, and mounting is accomplished using two screws. Applications would include Noise, Vibration and Harshness testing (NVH), as well as seismic monitoring, ride quality, rollover studies and tilt measurements.

August 2012

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